Our Product

We are the market leaders in providing a total and comprehensive solution for the logistics, travel and transportation industry. Experts in the industry, we have the knowledge and understanding to bring efficiency to your company and increase your productivity from day one. Our new generation solution is robust, easy to use, and highly customizable and can be quickly deployed in any environment. The product is platform agnostic. No additional hardware investment is required.

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Our Services

We provide a highly comprehensive and extensive range of services. These services we designed around the customer organization. This required us to initially fully understand and comprehend their needs and requirements. Routing and scheduling, documentation management services, performance monitoring and measurement are a few range of services offered. We are reliable professionals dedicated in delivering premium services to our customers. We take pride and honor in our unique capability and achievement.

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Our People

Our people makes all the difference. Our customers, partners trust us because of our dedicated and loyal team. If itís not for them then we would not be in existence.

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Our decision to go with LogisticXPro is a choice we made after evaluating several solutions from the market. LogisticxPro is most flexible, comprehensive and extendable solution in the market, with a competitive price point. Our implementation time has come down from 8 months to 12 weeks. They offer unlimited user model which enabled us to connect more users, enabling maximum visibility within the enterprise. Project Manager with one of largest trading and supply chain solutions company with a global presence.

Our Clients And Partners